St Lucia

St Lucia Map

St Lucia Map Other than the Google St Lucia Map (which for driving directions isn’t always very accurate) there are several free tourist maps available on island and online. By far the best physical St. Lucia map published overseas is by a small company in Hungary called Gizi maps. It can be ordered online for …

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Compassionate Healing Retreat

Compassionate Healing Finding Peace Within Do you find your mind cluttered by the busyness of Life? Find Peace Within, Mindful Healing Retreat helps you learn and practice techniques to cultivate peace by bringing awareness to the present moment. Intuitive Empath and spiritual healer Breanna Mahinter will teach you life long tools to help you slow …

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St Lucia Karibik

St Lucia Karibik Plantage Die St Lucia Karibik Insel liegt in den kleinen Antillen zwischen Martinique und St. Vincent. Das noch nicht ueberlaufene Urlaubsziel ist von Deutschland mit Condor/Thomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic oder British Airways ueber Manchester oder London zu erreichen, oder auch mit Air Caraibes ueber Paris und Martinique. Im Sueden der Insel befindet …

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Yoga and Restorative Retreat

Yoga and Restorative Join Louisa and Siobhan for a 10 day yoga retreat including morning and afternoon yoga classes, workshops and excursions. Enjoy daily walks around the grounds and to the nearby private beaches, delicious meals and heartfelt conversations on the veranda of the old plantation house. Louisa Benjamin first came to Balenbouche as a …

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Pumpkin Carrot Curry

Pumpkin Curry This is best done in a large wok (large serving for 8+ people) or alternative large frying pan (smaller serving). The recipe for this pumpkin curry is very simple and the ingredients are easy to find. Please note that the Caribbean pumpkin is the same as the edible orange or yellow squash. Ingredients …

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Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya Salad This salad is made from cooked green (unripe) papayas instead of the raw salad made with green or slightly ripe papaya. The papayas should be green inside and out. If they are starting to turn just a little bit orange inside that is ok as long as they are very firm. Ingredients …

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St Lucia Pumpkin Stew

Pumpkin Stew This St Lucia recipe is all about adding the ingredients in the right sequence and at the right time, and this will depend on a few factors, including the stove you’re cooking on, whether you’re adding meat, and how crunchy you like your vegetables. It is important to add the vegetables just before …

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Joyful Genius Retreat with Anne Rose Hart

Anne Rose Hart: Joyful Genius… Unleashed! FLOW MASTERY coaching retreat for self-actualizing women January 27 – February 2, 2019 (6 nights) Join Anne Rose Hart, founder of the Embody U Institute and creator of Quantum PlayTM, to recalibrate your nervous system into greater ease and effortless flow, as you design the life and work that …

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