We strive to make our Caribbean Retreat Center a place of natural beauty and calm, where everyone feels welcome and inspired.

For over 35 years, visitors have been arriving and returning to Balenbouche Estate. Many feel very much at home here, and when they remark that “it’s just as peaceful, authentic and beautiful as we remember!” we know that our mission is being accomplished. There is something timeless and unpretentious about Balenbouche which draws people from all walks of life.


Naturally, it took some time to turn the old sugar plantation into a welcoming Caribbean Retreat Center and to overcome the stigma of the social and political events of the past.

However, today, Balenbouche and our family is well respected in the community and on the island. We provide employment and have special arrangements with individuals to plant gardens, graze cattle, produce charcoal, and harvest crops at little or no cost. We buy local as much as possible, participate in community service, and host educational and charitable events. Balenbouche Estate is also member of Heritage Tours St Lucia and part of a growing community of Caribbean retreat Centers and sustainable travel around the world.

Organic Farming

Since 1987, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used on our land.

We keep free range cattle and have many tree crops on the estate, and we also grow some vegetables and many herbs. Our locally grown tropical fruits include coconut, star fruit, mango, breadfruit, coconut, papaya, soursop, plantain and banana. With fresh produce from the estate and surrounding farms, we are able to prepare some very fresh, tasty and healthy food for our Caribbean Retreat Center guests!

Energy and Waste

We seek to minimize consumption and buy products in keeping with our commitment to improving green practices at our Caribbean Retreat Center.

Waste is composted, reused or recycled whenever possible. All of our buildings are cooled through natural ventilation. Hot water is heated with solar and laundry is line dried. Most of our transportation needs are met by bus and car pooling. In the future, we hope to be able to become even more sustainable and self-sufficient.


Preserving the 19th century Plantation House, 200 year old aqueduct, and other historic structures requires constant care.

Several archeological and historical projects have taken place at and on Balenbouche, and research is ongoing. The 60 acres surrounding our st lucia eco hotel provide a largely undisturbed and diverse habitat for numerous trees and plants, food crops, wildlife and many bird species.


We offer volunteering and internship opportunities to qualified students and professionals. We also host educational field schools, community service groups, and cultural exchanges. 

Specifically, we are looking for volunteers with a background in carpentry, construction, general maintenance, renewable energy, organic farming, web design, marketing and film. Please contact us for more information!


Balenbouche should always remain open to the public, non-corporate, sustainable and community-oriented.

In the future, we hope to upgrade and expand the accommodations at our Caribbean Retreat Center. We would like to add one or two more cottages using green building practices. We are also seeking to host more life changing retreats and workshops, as well as grow more of our own food and improve our sustainable practices.  Eventually, we would like to turn one of the old sugar mill ruins into a small museum, gallery, event space and restaurant/lounge. In order to achieve our vision, we may need to attract a few more talented and like minded individuals. If you are interested in supporting our project, please contact us!

“Balenbouche is indeed a world within itself exuding a tranquil presence of warmth, hospitality and harmony.”
(Tropical Traveler)

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