St Lucia Retreats

“Balenbouche is indeed a world within itself exuding a tranquil presence of warmth,  hospitality and harmony.” (Tropical Traveler)

Our St Lucia retreats help us reconnect people with nature, each other and themselves. Many of our retreats are wellness – centered, focusing on Detox, Nutrition, Mind/Body healing, Yoga and Fitness. Past events have also included Art and Photography workshops, Archeology field schools, University Courses, Cultural exchanges, concerts and weddings.

We can sleep between 8 and 14 retreat participants in 6 separate accommodations. For groups, we typically offer an all inclusive package which includes meals, activities and excursions. Yoga classes, workshops, massages and other therapies usually take place in our beautiful rustic historic barn. Classes and wellness services can also be booked year-round, individually, or as a package!

Upcoming St Lucia Retreats

Silent Retreat, May 25 - June 5, 2023

Ready to deepen your practice? A rare opportunity to transform your spiritual practice, this 5 day intensive retreat offers a programme of meditation, yoga, tai- chi, breath-work, group and one on one support, plus educational talks. The programme is designed to help you move on from trauma, explore ancestral baggage, and heal past wounds. You will be held and supported by 2 experienced psychotherapists and mindfulness teachers, with over 40 years of psychological practice between them. This 5 day all inclusive retreat includes a wholesome morning breakfast, nutritious midday lunch, and a delicious evening meal, all based on a vegan menu. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to immerse yourself in an amazing landscape and meditative contemplation.

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What’s included:

* 3 vegan meals
*  meditation
* yoga
* Tai-Chi
* Breath work
* One on one counseling
* Educational talks

Peace and Calm Yoga retreat June 18 - 28, 2023

Annual Retreat!

This retreat is hosted every year by Mary Monrose Elke, who was the very first yoga teacher to host a retreat at Balenbouche Estate! Mary is from St Lucia and London and we have known her for over 20 years!

Deepen your practice of yoga and spend time with yourself and others in a spiritually aware (but not religious) atmosphere. An important aspect of this retreat is the chance to participate in karma yoga, or the creation of a co-operative, clean and helpful environment for the group. We encourage all participants to remain on the extensive and fascinating grounds of the Estate during the yoga retreat. Group outings will also be organized.

Read more about Mary’s Peace and Calm Yoga

Asana workshop
Daily walks & meditation 
Island tour
Massage therapy
Private Beach
Yoga Nindra
Rustic chic room and accommodation
Eco friendly Environment
A mixture of guided and self direction activities

Wounds to Scars retreat, 2023 (dates to be announced)

Wounds to Scars UK, in collaboration with Narrow Way Life St. Lucia, present an emotional healing retreat for women to recover from the impact of difficult life events, such as sexual and verbal abuse, depression, anxiety, anger, divorce, separation and narcissism, in a safe confidential healing space.

Would you like to know how to begin to heal so that you can discover the purpose buried beneath the pain. We are all blessed with gifts and talents. We all have a special purpose to fulfill. However, pain can sometimes blur our vision and steal our hope.

At this healing retreat, there will be group workshops to help you move from pain to purpose, with the option of 1-2-1 counseling where needed to help you.

Offered by Joanna Daniels, a UK based Counsellor, author and speaker.

Registration Deadline: October 5, 2022

For more information please visit:

You can also contact us at +1 (758) 488-1207 or +1 (758) 716-6771

  • Falling for and recovering from a narcissist
  • Restored and Renewed
  • Goal setting – with a solution-focused counsellor
  • Abuse – how to recover
  • Fear – how to distinguish between feeling afraid and fear itself and to conquer fear
  • Are there really 50 shades of grey?
  • Connection – learn how to create healthy connection in your relationships
  • Depression – overcoming anxiety and depression

Remember Retreat, October 23 - 31, 2022 

“Welcome to the Remember Retreat. This Retreat is hosted by Shika President, Canadian / St. Lucian healer and coach, bringing plant medicine, shamanic healing and other modalities to allow you to connect with your soul and lineage. During the & days together, you will experience Kambo medicine, sananga, hape, other medicines, shamanic breathwork, constellation ancestral therapy, shadow work workshops, clearing karmic and ancestral patterns from you and all related and much more. While connecting to the nature grounds and your self you will be able to remember why your soul is here.”
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What’s included:

  • Kambo and plant medicine ceremonies
  • Shamanic healing
  • Meditation
  • Integration workshop
  • Breathwork
  • Shadow workshops

Weekend Getaways (offered several times a year)

Start with a gentle twist and bend on Friday, followed by a delicious home cooked meal. We begin the next day with an early morning Pranayama which will energize the body & the mind. The breath is our lifeline, It is the bridge between the Body, mind and spirit.

Come for just a class or the whole weekend! Local rates available, please contact Jill Hagar, 758-718-1297 (WhatsApp),

frangipani view from bed

Full Weekend Includes:

Past St Lucia Retreats

“Balenbouche is indeed a world within itself exuding a tranquil presence of warmth, hospitality and harmony.”
(Tropical Traveler)
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