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Compassionate Healing

Finding Peace Within

Do you find your mind cluttered by the busyness of Life?

Find Peace Within, Mindful Healing Retreat helps you learn and practice techniques to cultivate peace by bringing awareness to the present moment. Intuitive Empath and spiritual healer Breanna Mahinter will teach you life long tools to help you slow down your monkey mind, help you make heartfelt decisions,  understand the flow of your emotions, increase self-love and compassion, and find harmony within your essence. Participate in two mindful yoga sessions daily as well as interactive programming where you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in different meditation techniques.  In your free time, explore what this tropical estate has to offer! Spirit will be guiding you through the week of transformation and healing.

Mindful Healing Retreat

Breanna Mashinter

Jan 13 - 20, 2018 (7 nights)

US$ 1850 (single occupancy)
US$ 1685 (shared occupancy)


7 days accommodation
All plant-based meals
ground transportation to and from airport
daily yoga and meditation classes
mindfulness meditation course
BONUS: Full day excursion

“Balenbouche is indeed a world within itself exuding a tranquil presence of warmth, hospitality and harmony.”
(Tropical Traveler)
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