St Lucia Restaurants

Most St Lucia restaurants are in the north of the island, where most locals live and where the most resorts are located. The second best place for restaurants is in and around Soufriere, also a tourism hub. In Vieux Fort and Laborie, you will find a few nice local St Lucia places to eat. In between, there are not many restaurants, but you will usually find small vendors and roadside BBQ’s along the way. Quite often, only the people who live right in the area know who prepares typical St Lucia food for sale, so ask around. St. Lucians have their main meal around lunch time, so many places only serve from 12 – 1 pm or until they sell out. Most St Lucia restaurants don’t require reservations except those located within the resorts.

Some of our favorite St Lucia restaurants by region

Vieux Fort

Island Breeze and The Reef Cafe are located right on Sandy beach by the airport. Both are popular restaurants and hang out spots, and are reasonably priced.

Grill and Chill is located just north of Vieux Fort past the Aupicon intersection. They offer freshly grilled chicken, pork and fish, with a choice of garlic sauce, ketchup, mayo or BBQ sauce, as a meal or in a wrap for $15 – $20 EC.

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat in the town of Vieux Fort, there is a food court upstairs the Massy Supermarket, and also Verna’s place opposite the Vieux Fort library. If you have a little more time on your hands, try a filling local meal at the Orbit Cafe tucked away in the town itself.

The local “True Value” hardware store also has a canteen which offers a delicious breakfast and lunch to customers and staff.


Our favorite place  is the family run Mama Rose restaurant and Bar by the market square, which also delivers. Just around the corner is another popular place, Mama Tilly, a small corner spot which specializes in BBQ and Seafood.

There’s also Zoe’s located near the Laborie playing field, and Annie’s Roti place located near the bridge. Annie’s makes some of the best rotis, but they are available only around lunch time. Finally, there’s  Wilson’s restaurant located a little outside the village (reserve in advance)


If you walk to the main road and take a right, you’ll find a few local food places along the road in the small village of Piaye, including a pizza place, and local meals around lunch.


The snack bar at Tet Paul Trail offers a great local lunch, as well as Martha’s Tables Restaurant on the way to Sugar beach. In town, we can recommend Belle Vue Restaurant on the waterfront (upstairs).

Fine Dining: Hotel Chocolat (a great culinary experience with the option to do a chocolate tour) Ladera (go for a sunset drink), Stonefield Resort, and famous local Chef Orlando. In town, “The Yard” offers tasty and affordable daily lunch specials (local meals).

Two other good local places to eat are Pier 28 by the waterfront, which offers meals as well as wood fired pizza, and “The Dream” which is on the same block.

Just north of Soufriere, there is the Beacon restaurant which offers a delicious local lunch buffet (reserve in advance).

Between Soufriere and Castries

Just north of Soufriere there is the Beacon restaurant which has an amazing view and great food. Reservations required.

Then there is the Kai Manje Restaurant at the Ti Kaye boutique resort, nestled on a hill at Anse Cochon Bay. The nearby Plas Kassav bakery creates delicious cassava bread in many different flavors. A must stop!

In Marigot Bay, there are several restaurants, but a little too overpriced and touristy for our taste.

A real worthwhile experience however is dining at “The Pink Plantation House” a beautiful colonial building and art gallery where lunch is served overlooking Castries.

Between Vieux Fort and Castries

The first place you will come across is Frazer’s Grill N’ Chill BBQ joint just 10 minutes north of Vieux ort on the left. Delicious meat and fish, in wraps or with fries.

Further North, there are several food vendors at the Dennery viewing point and snack bar, overlooking the fishing village of Dennery.

As you cross over the island (a mountain range called Barre de l’Isle) there is a small bakery on the right which serves wood fired bread, pizza, hamburgers, “dahl’s” (fried dough with split peas) and fried chicken and fish.




Chef Robby is famous for his waterfront restaurant located upstairs the Place Carenage cruise terminal, which is actually a very chill place to be and look out over the harbour. Chef Robby has opened another location further north overlooking the Marina near Rodney Bay. Open-air and casual, it’s a great spot to grab a few sunset drinks and a light meal.

One of the best local budget places to eat is the ‘Livity” Ital restaurant opposite La Place Carenage. It doesn’t get more authentic than that!

The Castries market offers a selection of Street food and some seating in midst of the bustling crowd.

For a more formal experience, try the Auberge Seraphine family run Hotel and Restaurant or the Coal pot restaurant just outside of town.

St Lucia Restaurants in Rodney Bay and Gros Islet

Under $15

There are a number of food trucks and food courts that offer affordable and tasty local meals, rotis,  BBQ.

Rituals Cafe is a bit overpriced but offers a great lunch special for only US$ 8 (EC$ 20): Green Figs and Saltfish,  St Lucia’s national dish.

Another popular place is the “Triangle” in the heart of Rodney Bay, which serves cafeteria style traditional St Lucia meals from early to late.

Blue Monkey downstairs the JQ mall and in Castries  is one of our favorites for healthy and vegetarian and vegan fare.

Over $15

The Rodney Bay Marina is a great place to hang out, and indulge in Elena’s wood fired pizza, sushi and other international cuisine. Don’t miss Elena’s authentic Italian ice cream – the best ice cream on the island!

Froggie Jaques restaurant set within the Harmony Suites Inn offers waterfront fine dining and has a well established name.

For special occasions, “The Naked Fisherman” at Cap Maison provides a beautiful setting and gourmet cuisine.


Rituals Sushi located in the Rodney Bay marina.

Razmataz Tandoori serves authentic Indian food and has been around for a long time.

Spice of India restaurant is located downstairs one of the malls.

Big Chef Steakhouse has held its ground for decades.

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