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St Lucia animals

July 16, 2016 -

St lucia animals are mostly friendly and not poisonous…

St Lucia animals include several unique species; the St Lucia parrot (Amazonas Versicolor also known as “Jaquot”), the St Lucia Forest thrush, the rare St Lucia Whiptail lizard (Zandoli Terre), and a tiny snake, the racer snake or worm snake. St Lucia is home to about 30 bird species, and bird watching is a popular activity for visitors. The island originally had only few mammals; whales and bats are the only non-introduced species; as well as the West Indian Manatee, and the giant rice rat, now extinct.

The St Lucia parrot is endangered and was once also almost extinct. Conservation efforts have allowed a small population to survive on the island. Other st lucia animals, such as the green iguana, and the leather back turtle, are also a protected, threatened species. Some sea turtles such as the green turtle are legally hunted and killed by fishermen.

st lucia animals

Endangered St. Lucia Parrot

The opossum and the green iguana presumably made their own way from the continent. Other St Lucia animals that have inhabited the island for a very long time are lizards and geckos, frogs, and many fish and insects.

However, most St Lucia animals were introduced to the islands by people, starting with the first Amerindian inhabitants, who brought domesticated agoutis (large rodents used for meat) from South America. Later introduced species by the European settlers include rats (of course!), mongoose, the cane toad, and snakes (boas and the poisonous fer de lance, found only in remote parts of the island). Domesticated animals such as cows, horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, cats and dogs have also been introduced.

Bird watching can be done through the Forestry Department or with individual tour companies like Rainforest Adventures. There are also special birding vacations offered through various companies.

The best Whale and Dolphin Watching is offered by Mystic Man Tours in Soufriere or Captain Mike in the North of the island.

Turtle watching at Grande Anse beach by the Desbarras community is offered certain times of the year, when the protected and endangered leatherback turtles come up onto the beach to nest. Inquire through St. Lucia Heritage Tours.

There is a Mini-zoo at the Union Forestry office near Castries, where you can see the St Lucia parrot, a Boa, and Agouti, and some tortoises.

The Maria Islands nature reserve managed by the St. Lucia National Trust offers selected tours to this sensitive small island, home to two endemic species found nowhere else, the coulesse snake and the Zandoli lizard.

Rare and Endangered species on St Lucia (Living National Treasures

Plants of St Lucia

St Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS)