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Best Area to Stay in St Lucia

People often ask what is the best area to stay in St Lucia. Most st lucia hotels and resorts are in the north of the island. Here you will find the greatest diversity of accommodations and tourism facilities. Gros Islet / Rodney bay is the major tourist center which offers the white sand beaches, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Though very vibrant and nice in its own way, the north of the island is quite touristy, more congested, more expensive to live, and less local and authentic.

Marigot Bay: South of Castries, there is Marigot bay, which also has a range of popular st lucia hotels and resorts and very pretty views. However, this area is predominantly a marina, there isn’t much to do in and around Marigot, with the exception of diving, sailing, kayaking, and a visit to the rum distillery.

West Coast and East Coast: Between Marigot bay and Soufriere, there are very few places to stay, and the same can be said for the East Coast, the area between Castries and Vieux Fort. These parts of the island are very scenic and local, and largely untouched by tourism though they offer some cool attractions and beautiful views.

Travel tip: If you are looking for peace and quiet, don’t stay near towns or heavily populated areas, since noise and traffic can be an issue. Also, many visitors want to find a place right on the beach, which is possible. However, quite often more affordable places offer a beach just a short walk or drive away.

In our opinion, the best area to stay in St Lucia is in the South/South West of the island, between Vieux Fort and Soufriere. This is where most of the islands sites and attractions are located, and where you will be able to experience more of the local history and culture.

Vieux Fort: Near Vieux Fort and just to the north of Vieux Fort, there are a few nice guesthouses and Inns worth checking out. There is also a beautiful white sand beach popular with kite surfers, and of course the International airport, shopping and restaurants.

Soufriere: Soufriere is a tourism center, but the surroundings are more intimate and natural than the North. The town itself is a bit run down and can feel very busy and touristy at times. Expect to be approached by beggars, or vendors and people offering various services. It is best to stay outside of Soufriere, but most of the hotels and resorts further out tend to be expensive.

Laborie: The charming, authentic fishing village of Laborie offers several affordable small guesthouses and vacation rentals. In Laborie, you do not necessarily need a car. The beach, small shops and restaurants are within walking distance, and it is easy to get a bus to the larger town of Vieux Fort. In our opinion, Laborie is the best area to stay in St Lucia. It’s also very close to Balenbouche Estate, which offer the best of both; nature and seclusion, as well as access to nearby communities, sites and attractions.

Choiseul: Choiseul offers less accommodation options than Laborie, but there are a few private airbnb’s and villas, and one small boutique resort. Many of these rentals offer a stunning view of the Pitons and the ocean.

Travel tip: If you stay in and around the southern communities of Balenbouche, Laborie or Choiseul you can find affordable accommodations and then and rent a car to explore Soufriere and surroundings, which is only a 25 – 35 minute drive away!

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