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St Lucia with Kids

November 8, 2017 -

Top things to do in st lucia with kids

Advice on traveling st lucia with kids by a mother and an aunt of a four year old who lives on the island. 🙂

If you’re coming to st lucia with kids, deciding where to stay in one of the most important decisions. If you enjoy resorts, there are quite a few good resorts that offer family deals, kids’ clubs, and activities for children, such as Coconut Bay in the South and Windjammer, Bay Gardens or St James Club Morgan Bay in the North. Cotton Bay is also great for kids because of its pool, seclusion and proximity to the Cas en Bas beach. However, the private villas there are not part of a resort but rather a managed time share property.

If you don’t want to stay at a resort, look for places that are walking distance to a beach, have space to run around, are not near a busy road or noisy town. Balenbouche Estate meets all of those criteria, plus you have the added advantage of a staying with a family who has lived in st lucia with kids raised on the Balenbouche plantation for 2 generations. We know all about it!


st lucia with kidsst lucia with kidsst lucia with kids

Before you book, ask the hotel or guesthouse some candid questions about staying in st lucia with kids. To help decide if Balenbouche Estate is right for you and your family, please read our Balenbouche visitor guide. If you (or your partner) still like the convenience of a resort, consider doing a combination – stay at the resort for the first 3 or 4 days, and then move to a smaller local place, hire a car, and venture out to create some unforgettable great memories with your family. A rental car is really best if you want flexibility and privacy. Organized tours and taxis are an alternative, but you will pay more and see less. Driving is less challenging than many think, just make sure to get a good map, plan your trips well, and drive defensively. Child seats are not mandatory in St. Lucia, so make sure to tell the rental company you want one.

Top things to do in st lucia with kids:

Hiking and walking: Balenbouche Estate, Tet Paul Nature trail, Morne Coubaril, Diamond Falls Botanical gardens, Lucian country Life, Pigeon island

Waterfalls and hot springs: Toraille, Latille, Sapphire falls, New Jerusalem Hot springs, Sulphur Springs volcano

Beaches: Anse Chastanet, Sugar Beach, Anse L’Ivroigne, Laborie Beach, Anse de Sable, Rodney Bay, Cas en Bas

A boat trip is fun too, you can either do a short water taxi trip, but a whale and dolphin watching trip is really worthwhile. We suggest staying away from the catamaran cruises packed with adults indulging in free drinks and loud music.

Mini zoo: Between Castries and Rodney Bay is the Union nature trail and mini zoo, which has the st lucia parrot, boas, agoutis and tortoises.

Water park: At Reduit beach in Rodney Bay, there is a floating water park for children.

Things to bring:

Hat, sunscreen and bug repellent. A sun outfit. Good walking shoes. A book about tropical plants and animals and a game or tablet for rainy days.