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St Lucia Hiking & Rainforest

March 17, 2016 -

St Lucia Hiking Trails

The St Lucia Forestry Department manages the following St Lucia hiking trails which form part of the 18,000 acre protected area in the interior of the island. It is mandatory to go with an official forestry guide. For more information, please contact the St Lucia Forestry Department Environmental Education Unit or arrange a tour through your hotel or guesthouse.

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St Lucia Rainforest

Descartiers Rainforest (moderate) RECOMMENDED BY BALENBOUCHE
Experience St Lucia’s most hidden rainforest. Drive six miles inland from the east coast main highway through a secondary road to access this 2-kilometer trail.

Edmund Forest Reserve (moderate to challenging) 4 WHEEL DRIVE REQUIRED
This 3½-hour hike will take you through the heart of the island into Edmund Forest Reserve on the west side of the island. Continue west for a magnificent view of Mt Gimie, St Lucia’s highest peak.

Enbas Saut (moderate to challenging) 4 WHEEL DRIVE REQUIRED
The Enbas Saut Falls trail is a remote 4km cut st lucia hinking trail six miles East of Soufriere at the foot of Mount Gimie, offering a combination of Rainforest, Cloud Forest, Elfin Woodlands and wildlife. The trail is famous for its two cascading waterfalls and pools at the head of the Troumasse River.

Union Nature Trail (easy)
An ideal hike for visitors looking to experience some of the enchanting wildlife and flora of st lucia without a long hike or drive. The site near the Forestry headquarters in Castries offers an interpretation centre, medicinal herb garden and mini-zoo with indigenous and exoic animals such as the agouti, iguana, boa, and st. lucian parrot.

Forestierre Trail (moderate to strenuous)
This st lucia hiking trail is only thirty (30) minutes drive from the city, Castries. It is part of the Old French Road, which traverses through mature pristine rainforest, abundant with large, spectacular fig trees, epiphytes, and ferns, from Forestierre to La Resource, Dennery.

Barre De L’isle Trail (moderate to strenuous)
The Barre de L’isle Forest Reserve divides the eastern and western halves of St Lucia. It takes approximately one hour to walk this one-mile st lucia hiking trail and another hour to climb Mr. La Combe ridge.