Balenbouche Estate

Peace and Calm Yoga, May/June 2025

Peace and Calm Yoga, June 2025

This retreat is hosted every year by Mary Monrose Elke, who was the very first yoga teacher to host a retreat at Balenbouche Estate! Mary is from St Lucia and London and we have known her for over 20 years!

Deepen your practice of yoga and spend time with yourself and others in a spiritually aware (but not religious) atmosphere. An important aspect of this retreat is the chance to participate in karma yoga, or the creation of a co-operative, clean and helpful environment for the group. We encourage all participants to remain on the extensive and fascinating grounds of the Estate during the yoga retreat. Group outings will also be organized.

Mary’s mission for Peace and Calm, founded in 2001 in the UK, is to make yoga accessible to all by running affordable yoga retreats, yoga days and classes for various different groups and levels of experience.

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Asana workshop
Daily walks & meditation 
Island tour
Massage therapy
Private Beach
Yoga Nindra
Rustic chic room and accommodation
Eco friendly Environment
A mixture of guided and self direction activities