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Balenbouche Cuisine

Balenbouche is a unique st lucia restaurant by reservation only. Our meals are a blend of St Lucian, Creole, Asian and International cuisine. We use many fresh, local and organic ingredients, some of which are grown on our estate. Breakfast is offered every day all year, and dinner at the Plantation House is offered by reservation two or three a week during the winter season (December – April). The rest of the year our st lucia restaurant is typically only open by special request. Food is generally expensive on the island, but we make every effort to stay affordable and offer good value for money. The nearest supermarket (‘Super J” is a 15 minute drive from balenbouche, and there is also a Saturday farmer’s market in the nearby town of Vieux Fort.

Several times a year, our st lucia eco resort offers nutrition and wellness holiday retreats. We can prepare vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free etc. meals by request. However, keep in mind that many local st lucia restaurants do not cater to special diets or will need advance notice.

Nearby St Lucia Restaurants

Although our area does not have many st lucia reastaurants, you will always find something tasty if you know where to go and plan a ahead a little. You will come across roadside BBQ’s (chicken is a local favorite) and the popular Indian inspired “roti’s” (a type of wrap filled with curried meat, or soy and potatoes) as well as “local meals” consisting of a well balanced large helping of rice, beans, vegetables, ground provisions (sweet potato, dasheen, yam, breadfruit etc.) and fish or meat in a rich gravy. Near Balenbouche, Debbie’s Restaurant is just a 2 minute drive away and offers a wide selection of St. Lucian and international food (please call ahead to make reservations). The village of Laborie (5 minute drive), has several local snack bars and st lucia restaurants including Debbie’s Cafe, The African Diner, Zoe’s, the Bamboo Bar, and Mama Rose’s Market Place. In Choiseul (5 minute drive), the Top Cove restaurant offers a tasty and affordable lunch special. In Vieux Fort, our favorite st lucia restaurants are the Old Plantation House Restaurant, Island Breeze, and the Reef Restaurant and Bar. In Soufriere and surroundings, there are many st lucia restaurants. Our local favorites are Martha’s tables (open for lunch only), Archie’s, and “De Belle Vue” restaurant. For a special treat, we recommend the Dasheene Restaurant at the Ladera Resort, the Jardin Cacoa restaurant at Fond Doux or the Boucan Restaurant at Hotel Chocolat, all of which are fine dining st lucia restaurants located near Soufriere (a 30 minute drive from our st lucia bed and breakfast).