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Is St Lucia expensive to visit?

May 22, 2017 -

Is St Lucia expensive to Visit?

Is St Lucia expensive to visit? is a question we often get asked. St Lucia hotels and resorts are typically on the higher end, between US$ 150 and $450 a night, but there are more affordable options. Other factors to consider are airfare, getting around the island, the cost of food, and entrance fees to sites and attractions or activities.

St Lucia airfare and on island transportation

Flights are usually around $600 – $800 round trip out of Miami, Atlanta, Raleigh Durham, New York, Boston. Once you’re on the island, transportation can be expensive. If you use a combination of taxis, rental cars and public buses, you might spend $200 a week on the low end and $500 on the high end (a rental car is about $65-85 per day, a taxi for the day is about $150 – $200). Note: Travel times are greater than most people expect. The roads are steep and winding and the speed limit everywhere is 40 miles or less.

Are sites and attractions expensive?

Many sites and attractions only charge a $10 entrance fee, including the forestry trails. However, getting to the sites is the expensive part. Organized tours and activities typically cost $60 – $150. Some attractions and activities are pretty expensive, such as hiking the pitons (US$ 55) or zip lining, water sports, horseback riding, and helicopter rides. However, for example in Laborie, you can rent a kayak for US$ 8/hour, and you can visit a waterfall or hot spring in Soufriere for under $10. If you bring your own snorkel gear, you can drive or take a water taxi to one of the best snorkeling beaches in St Lucia.

Is St Lucia expensive to eat out?

You can find street food for $6 – $8, or dine at a fancy restaurant for over $80. A realistic average for a nice meal at a restaurant is about $25. An affordable alternative are the local meals for around US$ 8 (large servings of rice, beans, macaroni pie or other starch, meat or fish and with a few vegetables or salad). These are typically only served around noon out of small local restaurants and food trucks. Visit our blog posts on St Lucia restaurants and St Lucia food.

Are St Lucia resorts expensive?

St Lucia hotels and resorts include all inclusive resorts, large hotels, small hotels, guesthouses, apartments and villas. You can find accommodations ranging from $40 to over $1000 a night. Soufriere has many attractions and activities, and some of the most high end luxury resorts and villas. Here, the question is St Lucia expensive to visit is often a yes. Affordable options tend to be near the town center, but this can be a bit noisy and feel unsafe or uncomfortable. 

Travel tip: A great way to experience the best of everything is to stay 3-4 days in a fancier place, and then stay in a budget accommodation in another part of the island. Changing locations saves time and money and you get to see more.