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Is St Lucia expensive to visit?

May 22, 2017 -

Is St Lucia expensive to Visit?

Is St Lucia expensive to visit? is a question we often get asked. St Lucia hotels and resorts are typically on the higher end, between US$ 150 and $450 a night, but there are more affordable options. Much depends on whether you’re able to find affordable airfare. The best flights are usually around $500 – $700 round trip out of Miami, Atlanta, Raleigh Durham, New York, Boston. Once you’re on the island, transportation can be expensive, but if you use a combination of taxis, rental cars and public buses, you can get away with under $400 a week (a rental car is about $65-85 per day). The rest is up to you. Many sites and attractions only charge a $10 entrance fee, some organized tours and activities cost over $150. The same can be said for eating out, you can find street food for $6 – $8 or dine at a fancy restaurant for over $80. A realistic average for a nice meal is about $25. For more St Lucia travel advice, visit our St Lucia Guide
St Lucia hotels and resorts include all inclusive resorts, large hotels, small hotels, guesthouses, apartments, and villas ranging from $50 to over $1000 a night. A great way to explore St. Lucia is to stay 3-5 days in 2 or more places, and get around through a combination of walking, taxis, buses and rental cars. This saves time and money considering the expense of taxis and car rentals, and the distances. Travel times are greater than most people expect  since the roads are steep and winding and the speed limit everywhere is 40 miles or less.

Is St Lucia expensive to visit if you want to be on the beach?
If you are looking for peace and quiet, we recommend staying outside of towns or heavily populated areas, since noise and traffic can be an issue. Many visitors want to find a place right on the beach, which is possible. However, quite often more affordable places offer a beach just a short walk or drive away.

Is St Lucia expensive to visit if you want to stay in the north?
Most st lucia hotels and resorts are in the north of the island, and here you will actually find the greatest diversity of accommodations from low to high end. Gros Islet / Rodney bay is the major tourist center which offers the white sand beaches, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Though very vibrant and nice in its own way, this part of the island is quite touristy, more congested, more expensive to live, and less local and authentic.

South of Castries, there is Marigot bay, which also has a range of popular st lucia hotels and resorts. However, in and around Marigot bay, there isn’t that much to do. It is predominantly a secluded small marina. Between Marigot bay and Soufriere, there are very st lucia few places to stay, and the same can be said for the East Coast, between Castries and Vieux Fort. These parts of the island are very scenic and local, largely untouched by tourism.

Near Vieux Fort and just to the north of Vieux Fort, there are a few guesthouses and Inns worth checking out as well. Some of the best st lucia places to stay are in the South of the island, between Vieux Fort and Soufriere.

For example, the charming, authentic fishing village of Laborie offers several affordable small guesthouses and airbnb’s. The benefit of staying in Laborie is that you do not necessarily need a car. The beach, and small shops and restaurants are within walking distance, and it is easy to get a bus into the larger town of Vieux Fort. On the other hand, most st lucia places to stay in Laborie are right in and around the village, so it is not very private. A few places like Balenbouche Estate, just 10 minutes down the road from Laborie, offer the best of both; nature and seclusion, as well as access to nearby communities, sites and attractions.

Soufriere is a tourism center in its own way, but more intimate and natural than the North. Here, the question is the St Lucia expensive to visit is more often a yes. Soufriere has much to offer in terms of attractions and activities, and some of the most high end luxury resorts and villas are in and around Soufriere. Affordable options tend to be near the town center, but tourism has helped to make Soufriere a more expensive place all around.  This is why some visitors chose to stay in Balenbouche, Laborie or Choiseul instead and rent a car to explore Soufriere and surroundings, which is only a 25 – 35 minute drive away!