Balenbouche Estate

St Lucia Black Sand Beach

Discover our st lucia black sand beach adjoining the 60 acre Balenbouche Estate. Our two beautiful natural beaches are just a 5 minute walk away. Although all beaches in St. Lucia are public, the Balenbouche beaches feel very private. Our guests love the fact that they are almost always alone on the beach. Quite often, one or more of our loyal dogs will accompany them.

The natural beauty of these beaches is breathtaking. The volcanic sand contrasts beautifully against the multi-colored cliffs and blue water. The sand contains particles of basalt from volcanic eruptions. Snorkeling and diving is not possible due to low visibility and breaking waves. Body surfing is great though!

Balenbouche "Middle Beach"

The best swimming beach is the “middle beach” which has a sandy and relatively shallow bank on which to stand on about 5 – 7 yards from the shore. However, beware of currents and occasional big waves. It is advisable not to swim out and stay where you can still touch the bottom. To access the middle beach, you have to climb down some steep steps carved out of the hillside.

Balenbouche Bay "Anse Balenbouche"

The st lucia black sand beach called “Anse Balenbouche” is smaller and very easily accessible, but rockier and more shallow. You can hang out on the stretch of sand or plateau overlooking the beach, take a dip and watch the sunset. This st lucia black sand beach is also where the Balenbouche river meets the ocean. The area, river and beach has been called “Balenbouche” or “Balembouche” since the mid 1700’s. One of the interpretations of the name is “whale mouth” (baleine bouche).

Please note that these st lucia black sand beaches are not on the Balenbouche property. All beaches in St Lucia are public. We advise not to bring any valuables with you and report any suspicious activity. We are not responsible for any incidents or lost and stolen items. Swimming is at your own risk. please exercise caution at all times.