Balenbouche Estate

Guesthouse Visitor Guide

We share our space in nature with many useful bugs and friendly pets, but there is nothing dangerous/venomous. Please tuck mosquito nets in well, and use repellent, light protective clothing and fans.

Please use padlocks, safes or keys to secure valuables every time you leave your cottage. Alert us or our security staff about any suspicious activity.

The tap water is safe to drink; please use the Brita filter and reusable water bottles to minimize plastic waste.

Please put all organic waste in the compost buckets provided, and place glass and plastic next to the bin or under the sink.

Please be mindful and turn off lights, fans and other devices when not in use.

The 180 year old plantation house and most of the accommodations are historic buildings that are constantly being maintained and renovated.  We offer a “glamping” type of experience for those wishing to be immersed in authentic and eco friendly tropical living.

Our housekeeping staff will clean your cottage daily or every other day. Please let us know if anything needs attention!

Breakfast is available every day between 8 am and 10 am for US$ 15, and dinner 4-5 times a week for US$ 30 per person. We offer a fixed menu – please let us know if you have any special dietary needs. Alcoholic drinks available. Please reserve meals in advance.

We are happy to arrange a taxi or rental car. There are also local unscheduled mini buses which run between towns; please ask for directions.

Please stay close to the shore and where you can still touch the bottom, as there can sometimes be strong currents and heavy surf.

Check out time is 12:00 pm. We will email you an invoice for accommodation (cash or online by credit card). For meals, please pay on site (cash or paypal).

Thank you, and have a wonderful stay!

“Balenbouche is indeed a world within itself exuding a tranquil presence of warmth, hospitality and harmony.”
(Tropical Traveler)
+ 1 (758) 455-1244
P.O. Box VF 707, LC12101, St Lucia

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