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Best time to visit st lucia

May 5, 2016 -

The best time to visit st lucia is typically between December and May. November, June, July and August are also still good months to travel.

The usual forecast for St Lucia is something this: Sunny to partly cloudy with widely scattered showers; occasional heavy rain and thunderstorms with isolated high gusts of wind. So we don’t pay much attention to the forecast and just go with the flow. 🙂 However, when planning your vacation, you can keep the following in mind:

The average temperature in St Lucia ranges from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius (72 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) in the dry season, which lasts from December to May. Temperatures in St Lucia during the wet season are only slightly higher than those in the dry season. The lowest temperatures are recorded in January, February and March, where it can get into the lower 70’s at night. The trade winds and sea breezes tend to moderate the temperature and the cooling breezes provide refreshing relief during the hot days. However, even without the fairly constant island breeze, the highest temperature ever recorded was 89 Fahrenheit! The humidity averages around 70%, and it is a little more hot and humid from July to October, in the rainy season. 

St Lucia in April

The weather in April is mild and dry. The relative humidity in April is at it’s lowest, just below 80%. Most hotels drop their rates April 15; this is the official end of the busiest season. However, April, May and June and even July and August are still good months for visiting st lucia. The advantage of traveling to st lucia in april is that rates are lower and the island is a lot less crowded (not that it gets that crowded to begin with, except perhaps in downtown Rodney bay or in Castries harbor on a busy cruise ship.

St Lucia in May and June

Some believe the best time to visit st lucia is in May and June because you can get great deals and it is our Caribbean springtime. The first light rains arrive, the island turns green, flowers blossom and some fruits start bearing! 🙂

Temperatures in May, June, July and August do go up slightly, and in June, July and August, it also does not cool down as much as night.

St Lucia in November

November is the end of the hurricane season, but still has quite a bit of precipitation. However, it’s always warm, and even on rainy days, the sun typically comes out in between showers. Locals like to refer to rain as “liquid sunshine” Since it’s getting colder in the northern hemisphere, and hotels haven’t raised their rates for the winter season yet, November, especially the second half, is still a pretty good time to travel to St. Lucia if you don’t mind some tropical showers.

Rainy Season in St Lucia

The wet season lasts from June to November and temperatures vary between 23 to 30 degrees Celsius (74 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit). During the rainy season, you can expect showers throughout the day, and occasionally a few days of rain, if a system comes through. Some hotels and attractions close in September and October. The second half of December typically starts seeing less rain, but this varies. September and October are not the best time to visit st lucia because of the hurricane season!


Luckily, because the island is located so far south, most hurricanes veer off to the north before they can gather strength. St Lucia has not had a major hurricane in over 30 years (not counting two smaller hurricanes, Dean in 2007 and Tomas in 2010). These did do quite a bit of damage, not so much from wind, but from rainfall and rough seas, causing flooding, coastal erosion, and landslides. We are very grateful to have been spared the worst for so long.

best time to visit st lucia

Rainbow in Soufriere St Lucia

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Best time to visit st lucia (Conclusion)

Peak holiday season for the Caribbean and St Lucia is from December to April. December, January, February, March, April and early May are an ideal time to visit St Lucia as the daytime temperatures are not too high and this is the island’s dry season. During this time, you should make reservations well in advance. While June, July, August, September and October can be quite hot and humid, some would argue that the best time to travel to st lucia is during the so-called shoulder season, from mid April to mid June, and from beginning of November to mid December. During those times, the weather is still usually pleasant but there are fewer tourists and rates are lower. The months to avoid are September and October.

Balenbouche typically closes for 2 – 3 months during the rainy season for renovations. Please check our availability calendar for more information!