Pumpkin Stew

This St Lucia recipe is all about adding the ingredients in the right sequence and at the right time, and this will depend on a few factors, including the stove you’re cooking on, whether you’re adding meat, and how crunchy you like your vegetables. It is important to add the vegetables just before the rest of the stew is done, so that the chicken, potatoes and lentils are fully cooked but the vegetables are not overdone. You may have to prepare this St Lucia recipe once or twice to get it just right. Another option is to cook some ingredients separately and then mix together. This versatile St Lucia recipe can be modified to your liking by adding more of one ingredient or adding other vegetables or left overs.


green beans
salt, pepper, curry, masala, cumin, bay leaf or other spices of your choice
Optional: chicken or chicken broth, coconut milk
Optional: Pasta (cook separately and add at the end)


  1. Peel and cube pumpkin and potato

  2. Blend onion, garlic, and celery

  3. Fill large pot half full with water

  4. Optional: Add halved chicken legs or chicken broth or seasoning cubes

  5. Add pumpkin, potato and lentils and boil on medium high, stir regularly, add liquid if needed

  6. Add blended vegetables and other spices after 10-15 minutes

  7. Optional: add coconut milk just before adding beans and carrots

  8. Add green beans and carrots and boil on low heat to your liking

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