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Balenbouche St Lucia Plantation Tour

Balenbouche is a designated St Lucia Heritage Site and open to the public 7 days a week from 8 am to 6 pm; you can drop in anytime for a self-guided tour.

Our St Lucia plantation tour is popular with visitors from around the world as well as many locals interested in St Lucia heritage. Many others are simply drawn by the natural beauty, warm welcome and authenticity of the estate. The property is also available for self-guided tours, picnics, photo shoots and private events such as weddings, retreats, family reunions, workshops, schools, youth and church groups. Please call ahead if you are interested in one of the above. +1758 455-1244.

Self Guided

Visitors can do a self-guided tour for US$ 4 or EC$ 10. Please check in at the main Plantation house to sign in, receive a short introduction, interpretation and directions. Then you are free to explore the grounds, visit the 18th century sugar mill, and walk the 5 – 15 minute trails to our two beaches. The 180 year old plantation house is open for viewing on most days. The suggested duration of our self guided tour is about 45 minutes, but you can spend as much time on the property as you like.


Guided tours must be arranged in advance and typically require a minimum of 4 people. The fee is US$ 8 or EC$ 20 per person (for schools, groups and organized tours, a different rate may apply, please call). The duration of our guided st lucia plantation tour is about 20 – 40 minutes and each experience is tailored to the interests of our visitors. A family member will show you the plantation house, our collection of artifacts, the grounds, and the impressive 18th century sugar mill. You will learn about the history of the plantation, starting with the Amerindian settlements over 1500 years ago.  After the tour, individuals are free to explore on their own.

Packages (Cruise ships and Hotels)

Balenbouche Estate receives organized tours from several cruise lines as well as resorts. Each of these tours is tailored to the needs and requirements of the tour operators, and may include refreshments or additional activities. For many, the visit to the estate is the highlight of their island tour. Balenbouche is different from many other st lucia heritage sites in that it is still off the beaten path and very authentic. The “museum” is actually where we live, and even the large tours are still conducted by a family member.

Refreshments and meals

Local juice, beer, tea, coffee, or a light snack can be ordered when you arrive. Meals must typically be booked in advance and require a minimum number, unless you are able to join a scheduled dinner (offered 2-3 times a week from December – April).  As a matter of principle, we do not sell sodas, bottled water or any other bottled drinks that are not in reusable glass bottles. Breakfast (8 am – 10 am) is offered every day and may be booked the day before. Once or twice a week during the winter season, we offer a special plantation buffet dinner. For more information, please visit our restaurants page.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you!