COVID-19 Support

For the Staff at Balenbouche Estate

Due to the shut down of St Lucia’s tourism industry in March 2020 following the outbreak of COVID-19, we sadly had no choice but to temporarily lay off and cut back hours for our 6 employees at the Balenbouche Estate Eco Lodge, Historic Site and Retreat Center.

We are doing everything we can to continue to assist our staff. However, tourism was our only source of revenue and our own family’s small personal savings is running out.

Please support Balenbouche Estate in one of 3 ways:

1) Donate to our Staff Fund

Keep our local team employed at least part-time, and able to afford basic expenses such as food, water, electricity, rent, transportation and school supplies.

2) Make a Prepayment

Contribute any amount towards a future stay, activity or event. This credit does not expire, and can be transferred to a friend or family member!

3) Special offer: Cottage for $500/week

Book before September 30, 2020 for a stay any time in the future, in the available cottage of your choice. You can also gift this to a friend! Monthly discounts available.


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These donations and pre-payments will go a long way in helping to ensure our dedicated workers and their families are supported as we await and prepare for the re-opening and gradual recovery of St Lucia’s tourism industry.

We sincerely thank you and hope to soon have the opportunity to once again provide the natural, secluded, authentic, relaxing and personal experience Balenbouche Estate is known for.

We are ready to receive visitors as soon as flights resume and we are given formal approval by the Ministry of Tourism. For more information on the planned re-opening of St Lucia’s Tourism sector, please visit the St Lucia Tourism Authority.

With our Deepest Gratitude,

Uta and Verena Lawaetz

“Balenbouche is indeed a world within itself exuding a tranquil presence of warmth, hospitality and harmony.”
(Tropical Traveler)
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P.O. Box VF 707, LC12101, St Lucia

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