St Lucia Retreat: Sustainability Workshop


As concern for the planet and humanity grows, many of us are searching for answers and ways in which to help bring about necessary change, or simply how to prepare ourselves for the future.

Balenbouche Estate offers the ideal environment for a st lucia retreat, looking inwards as well as outwards in the quest to make sense of it all and find inner peace, preparedness and purpose in your own life. Together, we will seek to exchange and build upon what we already know and support each other in our path towards a more Eco friendly, sustainable lifestyle and society as well as personal growth and happiness.

While we will explore and reflect on the larger global picture, our primary focus will be on how to live more in harmony with our individual core beliefs and values, save money, be more independent, minimize our impact on the environment, adapt to and survive a crisis, create healthy communities, and lead a more joyful and fulfilling life – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our st lucia retreat is hosted by Uta Lawaetz and her daughter Verena, owners and managers of the Balenbouche St lucia Guest House and Heritage Site. Uta grew up on a farm in Austria, studied Architecture and Interior Design in Germany, and spent many years in the Far East, where she deepened her knowledge of spirituality and eastern philosophy. Verena studied International Development and Economics at American University in DC and has always been passionate about finding answers and practical solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. Uta and Verena as well as our guest speakers will share with you their own lifestyle and experiences, and discuss sustainable practices at Balenbouche and other st lucia attractions.

This workshop is offered as part of a week long st lucia retreat or a weekend seminar. Accommodations are provided in our st lucia cottages at a discounted rate. We can sleep up to 14 people, for larger groups, please ask about our St Lucia camping on our st lucia plantation.

Course material for this st lucia retreat is from as well as many other independent sources

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Maria Islands Nature Reserve, St Lucia